Separate the seeds and flesh of the fruits. Mix the same weights of seeds and
sands in a jute bag or earthen ware. By autumn, dig the bag or ware into the
ground. Be careful not to be too dry or humid.
Near Cheoseo (October 23), spread organic fertilizer on the ground and till the field.
Sow the seeds near the middle of November. Before sowing, spread insecticide
powder used for garlic field on the ground. The sowing spaces of the seeds are
10cm and cover the seeds with soils in the height of the diameter of seeds.
For protection of coldness in winter and humidity, cut soft soils in 1.2~3cm length
and cover the field in 1cm height. The spaces between the furrows should be
The buds will sprout in the last days of March or on the first days of April.
Do not touch any buds.
In the last days of May, spread a liquid fertilizer.
Be careful not to spread on the leaves.
Between the last days of May and the middle days of August, spread mixed
fertilizers in every 20 days.
Twigs will be grown in the low part of the seedlings. The more twigs are grown,
the stronger the seedlings are. Twigs are not harmful for growing until the middle
of July.
Seedlings in the high quality are 1.5~2m high. Plant these seedlings between the
middle of the November in the same year and the middle of the February in the
next year.
When planting, cut the seedlings in 80~100cm height and cut the roots in the radius
of 15cm. Seedlings should be propped when planting.
Seedlings are not proper on the humid soil. The proper soil is sandy and
sedimentary soil with small pebbles. Under the armistice line, planting and growing
on the soils located less than 800m above the sea level in the nation have
In the cold area, the flowering time will be later than other area. Damages from
disease and harmful insects will be controlled by natural enemies.
Do not trim the young trees if possible. If then, the trees will bloom and bear fruits
in 3 years. After 5 years, the trees will reach the break?even point.