It is honor to me to see you through these advanced technologies, though it is graphic. Thank you very much.
I thank you once again for your supporting since your supporting is the power for me to work in traditional industry museum with 9 theme pavilions in the age of 80s. Workers in the museum want nothing more than helping the society to be the welfare society owned by people with the motto of "Loving people, loving humanrace."
Ladies and gentlemen visiting here, on the first day of this year we have put our motto in the museum to do our best to achieve it: "Let's give back the nature to the people who let us be in the nature."
If you have any questions and/or comments, please do not hesitate to let us know. If you have any plan to visit Palgong?Mountain, please visit our museum. We will welcome you much more if you visit with children. By visiting our museum and telling children about the history of our traditions, the children will grow stronger as a main stem of our country.
We wish all the people supporting us and our country to prosper endlessly forever.
August 15, 2005.
From Founder of Songgwangmae Memorial Museum: Kwon Byeongtak and Song Suhee.