May 20 The Ministry of Culture and Tourism authorized the establishment of Songgwangmae Memorial Museum.
March He applied for the establishment of "Songgwangmae Memorial Museum (The Private Museum)" in the location of 1654?5 Daemyeong?Dong, Daegu. The class "The Saturday Class ? Let's achieve the goal" was opened between 2 and 4 o'clock in every Saturdays.
June As a subsidiary of the memorial museum, the society for the studies of economic ideology was founded. Regular books in series, reseach papers, and message papers "Plums of Kwon Byeongtak" began to be published.
He founded an office for spreading the plums and "Kwon Byeongtak Plum Garden" in San4?1 Deokgok?Dong, Dong?Gu, Daegu. He began a nationwide movement for spreading the plums. By 2001, about 10,000 people grow 200,000 plum trees and the number continues to grow.
He planted the plums and found the medical effect of the plums (Citric Acid Cycle Effect) is very effective. He shared the bud of plums with neighbors and friends. About 500 people showed good responses.
June He found and got the seed of wild plums in Songgwang?Sa. He made the seed germinate in the garden.