Chief Director Kwon Byeongtak was born in July 7, 1929 in Seongju, Gyeongsang?Buk?
Do. He has won prizes including a prize from the National Academy of Science, the most honorable prize as a scholar. However suddenly he left from a teaching career as an emeritus professor because he fell in love with a seed of a plum he has got from Songgwang?Sa(Temple). In 2002 he founded a Songgwangmae Memorial Museum in Daemyeong?Dong, Daegu.
After giving up the duties and honor as a professor, he leads a whole new life as a farmer. According to his belief "dumping something makes trashes, keeping something makes valuables", Chief Director Kwon Byeongtak collected data he has collected for studies, antique objects, and a variety of cultural inheritances as a base for Songgwangmae Memorial Museum. The museum has moved to the present location in 2003 and reached the present position.
Differently from his wish to live as a farmer, his achievement in studies has given him titles of an emeritus professor and a virtuoso in the commitee of Gyeongbuk Cultural inheritances. Now he devotes his time to spread Songgwangmae (Korean endemic plums) as the chairman of the Society of Spreading Songgwangmae.
He has written books such as "The general history of economy", "The production and demand of traditional ceramic wares", and "The studies of Korean industrial history."