This pavilion displays tools and lives using original botanical, animal and mineral materials in the nature. Displayed items are materials our ancestors borrowed from the nature, and they can be divided into production tools and materials for lives.
Due to the long collecting time, some of items are corroded and lost. However production tools and materials for lives among the remains are displayed in this pavilion.

After Samhan Era, people called blacksmith as Duduri. At that time, duduri is socially recognized like a king. To meet Duduri even if it is indirect and restored way, inheritances and remains like Sweburi Jeomteo, wastes of irons, cracks of irons, Basoom (a cast), soil irons, sand irons, stone irons, and any others are displayed. Furthermore, tools such as tongs, hammers, Janggeum (a measuring stick), Dorae (a short stick) are displayed together.